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Mountain Cat Productions

Masters' Guide to Wealth

channeled by Mataare
compiled and edited by Carolyn Hawkins

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Price: $19.95 US
Paperback: 217 pages
Publisher: Mountain Cat Productions; 1st printing 2009
ISBN: 0-9755546-6-2
Dimensions:9 x 6

      Masters’ Guide to Wealth is a powerful, concise guide for the creation and maintenance of wealth.

     “Let me make no bones about it, your survival, which money represents, is important. Therefore, if you are going to have a relationship with money, it had better be a loving relationship. You had better love money. If you hate money because there is not enough of it or you have issues around the way it is used in society, then you had better change that. If you do not have a loving relationship to the word money, money, money, money, money, money, if it brings up issues for you, you cannot get the right use of money until you are free of charge. Therefore, there can be no more fighting about money. Lay down the fight.”                - Merlin

     “Do you practice gratitude? When your bills come and you may not have enough money, are you thankful for the money that you do have? That would be one practice of gratitude, and that gratitude just might lead to a more abundant flow in your life.”      – Azlo

      “There is no innocent claim upon money that lasts very long. If those who accumulate wealth and power do not make a conscious choice toward love, they will quickly find they cannot serve two masters and instead choose a dark force with which to align.”                                                                                                                                                                 - Cassandra

     Money is like a big water. Hold onto it and it stagnates. Use it, let it flow, and it makes a wonderful, wonderful river. – Sun Bear

     There is much more supporting you being alive, fulfilled, happy, and supplied than you may realize. Just think for a moment about the earth itself and all that had to come before the earth, as you now know it. What created the solar system? What caused the explosion resulting in a star? What caused the planets? What caused the planets to rotate around the heavenly body? There are in fact, many forces, which are very difficult forces to frustrate, that support you being here.
You live in modern societies, have jobs, and go about life in ways that look like you must provide for yourself or there will be no provision for you. However, in truth it is very hard for you not to be supplied in one way or another by the system of life that has allowed life to evolve, intelligence to develop, and people to grow and be supported. This system of life supports everyone without exception.
     The universe has an investment in every individual prospering. For those who can attune themselves to that truth, the universe supports them even more because there is a tremendous amount of force in the universe to prosper those who know the truth. Those who see the universe or life as something that works against them will not allow the universe to support them in the ways they were meant to be supported. These people will see life as a struggle, thinking something is against them.                               - Merlin

© 2009 Carolyn Hawkins All Rights Reserved