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Mountain Cat Productions

Masters' Guide to Self-Review

channeled by Mataare
compiled and edited by Carolyn Hawkins

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Price: $19.95 US
Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: Mountain Cat Productions; 1st printing 2010
ISBN: 0-9755546-2-X
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5

After awakening and after realization, a soul seeks to actualize. Actualization comes from clearing away the wreckage of your past, insofar as can be done, and can be toilsome, effortful, ego-challenging, soul-breaking work. However, you can come to a point of fulfillment and completion of your humanity, fulfill your life and have love, joy, completion and goodness, not being limited in such ways as crumble your soul, but instead live as a true soulful spirit. - Philos

The purpose of self-review is not to clear your soul so you can be pure and go o heaven or the afterlife. The purpose is to suit yourself to be of maximum service to the Spirit of the Universe and the people all around you. Why you want to be of maximum service to Great Spirit and those all around you is so that there is room for the Great Spirit to come into you and work through you. It is not to become pure, because you will never become pure. You are not here to become flawless, perfect beings, but you are vessels for greater power than you have ever imagined. In order to be that vessel, that is why you are doing this, so that you can be of maximum service. You will still be an ordinary human being for so long as you are here upon the earth, but something will have changed. You will be an expression of the light at the level where you are right now so that you can embrace joy, completion, fullness and love. You can experience and be part of an infinite unfolding and know your eternal nature, expressing it in fullness. That is the point.That is what matters. - Sun Bear

It is strongly recommended that prior to embarking upon this journey of self-discovery, you have a regular daily meditation practice, therefore Masters’ Guide to Prayer and Meditation is recommended as a prerequitsite to this book.



The lectures contained within this book are a one year course that was offered by the Guides in Spirit through Mataare. The lectures appear as close to their orgininal form as possible. The Guides teach in a holographic manner, repeating many things and drawing in new things so that a picture begins to form in your mind and increasingly expands. Each lecture builds on the previous lecture to guide you through the process of a thorough self-review. The self-review is intense, deeply personal and extremely empowering. It is strongly recommended that prior to embarking upon this journey of self-discovery, you have a regular daily meditation practice, therefore Masters’ Guide to Prayer and Meditation is suggested as a prerequitsite to this book.

You can come to a point of fulfillment and completion of your humanity, fulfill your life and have love, joy and goodness, not being limited in such ways as crumble your soul, but instead live as a true soulful spirit. - Sun Bear

We only started doing these classes in self-review in the last few years although Mataare has channeled much longer. We had to wait to find persons desperate enough and I use that word advisedly, to go to any lengths to face their dark side. We found many were so busy being swept along with new age balderdash that they could not face the dark side because as they faced the dark side it felt negative, dark and bad. In other words, it did not feel like a bowl of cherries. It did not feel wonderful. It felt horrible. What would make a person do that? Well, a person has to be desperate enough. What do I mean by desperate enough? They have to have experienced enough pain in their life to know that they want to do anything to let go of the thing that creates that level of psychic disorder and suffering.

We are very thankful for the new age. It actually began about 150 years ago and has intensified in the last forty or fifty years. It has brought breakthroughs and all manner of beautiful things that have uplifted consciousness, science and psychology. It has brought breakthroughs in art, music and spiritual understanding. However, there is a side of it that is absolutely ridiculous, and you will need to see your way through that.

The same work done now, and believe me when I say that it is work, has always been done through the centuries by those who want to go through. You must be prepared to face your darkest demons in your life. This will allow you the opportunity for your life to shift. For a period, your life will be filled with undoing and confrontation. However, the time comes when your entire life is rebuilt on an entirely new basis.

Some souls hold on to their old life as long as they possibly can because it represents for them, at whatever stage they are, everything they have worked for to that point. Who then are we to say to you that whosoever you have become is whatsoever you must leave behind? This then is for you to decide. If you are willing, not ready, but if you then are willing by your own decision, we can get you ready.

We are here to help you be ready, but increasingly the self that you really are deep down within your innermost nature must replace us. Let me explain what I mean by this. Sometimes people live their lives in such ways where they must please others in order to get what they want in some way. A worker must please their employer. To an extent, a student often finds that they get the best grades when they please their teacher, not so much whether or not they learn because most times if they become smarter than the teacher, the teacher will not like that. The teacher will not even recognize it very likely. However, if you please your parents and they approve of you, you seem to be rewarded with their attention or their love. Likewise, if your children please you, they are rewarded with your appreciation and if they displease you regularly, they are very aware that it is harder for you to extend your love. All of these approvals create a sense of identity based upon acknowledgement.

In your life, if you start moving outside of the realm of being acknowledged by those who are dear to you, by the culture, by the society, by those whom you need for your survival, you will become terrified and oftentimes feel very alone. Therefore, it is a very difficult thing for you to allow yourself to become unraveled. Ultimately, the way to allow yourself to become unraveled is you must surrender to the truth of who you really are, and that truth is not just an idea.

What I started to say by all of this talking of approval is sometimes people have a spiritual awakening. Usually around their teenage years they decide to rebel. No more approval and instead they will go the other way. They will strike out on their own and start doing things differently. However, it is really that they are doing more and more like what their peers do rather than those who have raised them and the other conventions that are around them. They shift their conventional focus from the convention of their elders to the convention of their peers. Then, after that confusion, if one is awakened enough, one has another awakening and sheds the need to be approved of by even their peers, which becomes even more frightening.

When one first begins to do that, one feels a tremendous relief of pressure, a tremendous emotional catharsis. Sometimes this is mistaken for a spiritual awakening. Sometimes this is mistaken for following the true self, this catharsis, this emotional breakthrough, which is really just the antithesis of whatever way you did things before. It is not really a spiritual breakthrough because real spiritual growth comes extremely gradually, extremely gradually, very, very slowly. However, because some people think of following their emotional freedom as following the true self, there is another misdirection.

In this era particularly guilty of this are some of the new agers, whatever you feel and follow the heart, which means following the emotional body and has nothing to do with following the truth of self. If I were to tell you to follow your hearts, I would not be meaning follow your emotions because your emotions change. They are up and they are down. They will lead you all over the place. I mean follow the integrated self, and the self integrates gradually, very gradually while the emotional body has tremendous rushes of one kind or another that simulate spiritual development, which are in fact nothing more than a little awakening. One has many, many awakening, and spiritual growth comes from many awakenings, but it comes very slowly.

One must separate the difference between emotional catharsis and spiritual growth. They are very different sorts of things. This is the reason why many times people feel as though they have been to a place in growth before and find themselves again in what they think is the same place in life. They wonder if they are repeating the lessons or they think they do not need to learn this lesson again because they have learned it already.

However, when you have had enough of a lesson and do not want it anymore is not the deciding factor for when that lesson ceases to happen. It is like a nightmare. Nightmares do not go away simply because you are tired of having them. A nightmare goes away when you understand its message, for the nightmare occurs to have you come to realize it. The same thing happens with karma. Growth happens in a spiral way, almost cyclically, but it is more like a growth in a spiral where one covers some of the same ground repeatedly even while coming to some new ground.

So, are you ready for some work? The work will be very, very simple, but it will be exhaustive. Are you willing to look, to become a conscious spiritual being at the next level, whatever that is for you? You each will discover what that means at your next level.
It is serious. It is work. It is going to involve honesty and it is going to be exhaustive. It is going to take a long time, and you are going to visit the dark side. You are going to embrace the light, but you are going to visit the dark side. If you have any fear of it, you will lose your fear because it is your own dark side, not anybody else’s dark side.

Some of you even know your dark side because you say things like, if I ever get angry with somebody, I kill them. Therefore, I do not express anger. Some of you fear your own dark side. Some of you know it is there. You do not want to bother with it. However, you are going to touch the demon and you are going to have to look at your dark side and love yourself in the presence of the dark side. What does that mean?

First, before we can go further we must have your willingness to do this. You are not going to be hurt. We are not going to hurt you, but you will be clear. You will be honest with yourself. So we need your permission to take your through an exhaustive little journey. We are going to ask you for your trust in this, for your loving trust. We are going to do this based on love and trust so that is what we are asking you. On the basis of love and trust will you come along with us on this journey of facing and letting go of the false self and submitting yourself to the Supreme Divine, the Father, the Mother, the All of this universe, the Supreme in love? This is not submitting to us, although it is a submission of a kind to our directions for a while, our suggestions. We are going to make some suggestions to you that will help you.

If you are willing within yourself to trust yourself to the God you know, the God you understand in your favorite form on this journey, please say so in the affirmative. If you do not know there is a God in your favorite from, then pick one for yourself and trust it.
This is a very deep thing, especially if you have already experienced having everything you believed in stripped away. It is very difficult, but there is another side. One does come through the other side because in fact, nothing can be stripped from you if you never possessed it in the first place. The only thing that is stripped away is some belief in an illusion or whatever has been created from a mix of entangled propositions. By mix, I mean good and evil. What happens is the dark is stripped away and the truth of who you are is what remains. The good as well as what is not good is then used together to create an expression of your sovereign nature. - Sun Bear

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