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Mountain Cat Productions

Masters' Guide to Psychic Development

channeled by Mataare
compiled and edited by Carolyn Hawkins

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Price: $19.95 US
Paperback: 252pages
Publisher: Mountain Cat Productions; 1st printing 2012
Dimensions: 9 x 6



     If you are to be active with us, you must have a desire to serve and it has to be a very important desire to you. It is something that at times you will need to be very committed to, more committed than to other things. This does not really come about in this fashion by a decision that you happen to like the idea of that, but it is something that comes out of your heart. It is a very strong feeling. It is a calling.
     Not all who have a calling will answer it in the same way, nor do they need to answer it in the same way. However, to all of you who do answer it in this way, or for that matter in any other way, it will become important for you to have access to the inner or higher planes as you desire, as you wish. It must not be something you cut off from or feel cut off from because it must be something you freely feel able to go back and forth to at will.
     Technique is one thing and skill is another. Skill comes with practice. For instance, many learn to play musical instruments, and there are many who are in some way born with a talent or an affinity to be able to conquer an instrument. Then there are those who have no initial ability, but have dedication. That commitment, that dedication becomes that which leads them to their greatness. There are those who have some desire and go just far enough to be able to satiate that desire, and beyond that, they have no desire to go any further.
     It is for you to come to terms with whether or not what we intend to help you with is something you wish to do. It does not make you any more special than anyone else. Let us get that straight right now because it is important that you do not somehow feel spiritually more special than others are. If you do, you will find yourself with the need to always make yourself the teacher or put yourself above other people in such a way as you keep them disempowered, keep them less than you. The purpose is to help another rise above their condition, and that is service.
     It is very important that you realize that this represents your dedication, your devotion, your gift back to the Creator. The Creator's gift to you is that which you experience by making yourself available for doing that. You will see what that means. It is a very special experience in that it is the greatest experience available to humankind. All have that potentially available to them if they choose it. Whether or not you use it in the form of service, we shall show you some things and help you be able to make a connection with other planes and realms of consciousness.
     The goal we have is a lifelong goal to assist you in transcending the elements, the particles of thought, belief and experience that interfere with your happiness so that you can live in freedom, light and empowerment. I hope that you shall be sufficiently aimed such that you never have to be apart from your center ever again. In order that we do this, there is a commitment needed, a commitment that only you can decide to make. It is a commitment not to Spirit, but a commitment to you. It is a commitment to the power of love. It is a commitment to open the source of beauty within you and merge with it.
     Commitment is different from a promise. A commitment is a choice you make, as you need to make it. A promise may or may not be a kept commitment. A commitment is the willingness to understand what your objective is and regularly ask is this in harmony with my objective. You continually make choices in favor of and actions in alignment with that objective. A commitment means the willingness to look at your actions and to make ever wiser and wiser choices. A commitment means looking at the results you are getting and the willingness to make new choices to achieve those results if those results were not achieved. A commitment is a willingness to be flexible and a dedication to the creation of that goal.
     We cannot provide for you a commitment that you will need. We can only provide for you the course, the direction. The commitment has to come from you. We shall only provide you with many directions and many answers, but we are not here for giving you answer. We are here to aim you in the direction that you say you wish to fulfill that you might experience your most radiant nature, but the commitment shall have to come from you.
     Everyone's levels of commitment shall be different. Some will be more committed or less committed, but we are not in a race with each other. Some may achieve better results in one area where others may achieve better results in other areas. Some may be successful in breaking through in one or another area. Others may be unsuccessful in one or another area. However, the commitment is not for measuring against each other who is more commitment or who is better at this or that. It is a commitment you have made to yourself to merge with the excellence of your being, whatever that means to you. You will decipher exactly what it means to you and you will come to understand that better. You will also come to be able to create that end much more successfully. These are our intentions.
     What we shall offer you are not secrets. It is knowledge that has been in the world for ages upon ages and translated at different times in different ways. It is information we have sussed out from the universe and processed in such ways as it might be intelligible to you. It is information we gathered from Mataare's experiences and from your experiences that you have gotten in life and you have come to certain understandings about what your needs are and how best to fulfill those needs. We shall draw upon the ethers and upon the teachers and teachings of the past as well as teachers of the present and the future not yet arrived here. More importantly, we shall draw upon your own wisdom brought forward through this synergistic union, which we shall unfold together.
     This is an overall statement of the curriculum that lies ahead. It will be a beautiful and pleasant journey. It will require increasing discipline on your part. The discipline that it will require is not one that shall be rote practice of any kind, but rather devoted unfolding, dependant upon whether you find yourself able to be as committed as we suggest.
Know that we are committed to drawing from you all that can rise up in you in terms of inspiration. We are committed to getting you committed. If you do not feel you are able to be successful in breaking through to some joyful and successful state of harmony and beauty within, then know that we have our ways. We shall find ways to draw out of you that which you perhaps do not even know is within you.
     We are presenting to you a pathway that has many, many facets and is not for everyone. Although much that we say shall be from universal truth, you may come to discover that which is unfolding here is not for you. Know that if your place or your pathway should be different, then so be it. Know that other doorways shall open to you.
     Know this as well. The truth of your ascendant nature, the truth of your breakthrough further into awakening and enlightenment does not depend upon you understanding clearly anything and everything we say. You can receive that which you are able to receive from us, and that which you are not able to receive from us, so be it. Integrate whatever you receive in whatsoever ways help you prosper and unfold in a beautiful way in your life. That which you cannot receive, that which is not for you, do not feel you must take it on.
     We do not wish to change you into that which we are. Our intention is to link you to that to which we are linked, the Creator, the source of all, so that which uniquely is you can be most fully and potently expressed. You shall not all become homogenous automatons, one exactly the same as the next, carrying and holding exactly the same principles from person to person, but rather that which is divinely and uniquely yourself can be expressed in its most perfect form of expression.
     Be prepared to leave behind certain things that shall stand in the way of your progress, particularly compulsions and addictions of any kind, whether those compulsions and addictions may be compulsions and addictions from the most obvious kinds of things, drugs, alcohol, food, or the most subtle kinds of compulsions and addictions, relationship addiction, anger and hostility addiction. It can be any kind of attachment to things that ground you in an energy or that you are not sovereign in, but rather gets a hold of you. Be prepared to find little fulfillment in spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual senses, for all of these areas must be cultivated in order for you to come to know who and what you truly are and to express the full magnificence of your potential.

© Carolyn Hawkins 2013