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Mountain Cat Productions

Masters' Guide to Magic & Numerology

channeled by Mataare
compiled and edited by Carolyn Hawkins

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Price: $19.95 US
Paperback: 230pages
Publisher: Mountain Cat Productions; 1st printing 2012
ISBN: 0-9755546-9-7
Dimensions: 9 x 6


     All existence is very magical. Life is intended to be a very magical kind of experience. Magic really is a manipulation of the invisible to create the visible. That is not so much a mystical thing as much as it is a very practical thing. It works on the principle that consciousness creates realities, a state of being and a state of thought. Thought is possible to be used in such a way as it creates the desired result to come to pass.
     In the old days, they called it magic. Nowadays you call it visualization. In the old days they called is spells, spelling things out. Now you call it affirmations. There are many different ways to describe ancient phenomena, and that ancient phenomenon is something that has been brought in through something termed the New Age.
     A very important principle to understand is that every single creature, including human beings, is in fact a divine manifestation of the All That Is. The more an entity acknowledges itself as one with the All, the more unlimited, the more powerful and the more loving it becomes. Magic is a principle, that when employed, brings one into their awareness of higher self, and living a magical existence is a very important part that is necessary to have happiness in one's life.
     To live other than magically means, in a sense, to deny one's creative power or to reject one's divinity, to reject the idea that one does create their own destiny, their own manifestation, their own life, their own existence according to what one thinks. That is absolutely a horrid idea to reject that consciousness creates reality.
     Why I say that is horrid is because to say other than that is to believe that something else other than you is responsible for your destiny. To say that is to give away the power that you have to create your destiny, therefore, to be a victim of other powers and other flows that in fact shall then create your reality for you, to be a victim of whatever prevailing consciousness, consensus or structure rules you and the world around you.
     It is a very important matter to always claim your power, to acknowledge yourself as powerful entities, to acknowledge yourself as defined entities, to begin to think of yourselves as those who are developing mastery in this world, to consider yourselves as masters in the making, which is very important to understand yourself to be. Master means one who masters the secrets of their existence as opposed to one who does not master the secrets of their existence. It is always more empowering to be in a position of mastery of the secrets of your existence than it is not to be. We are very much proponents of mastering your existence here in this world.

        The reason we discuss numerology, and we discuss many metaphysical principles, is so that you will not see it as only one study, but you will begin to get an understanding of how all of these sorts of things work together to produce a whole picture of your universe. You can no more understand the entire picture of the universe by numerology alone than you can understand the nature of the cosmology of the physical universe by studying only mathematics. You might also have to understand a little about geology, physics, biology, astronomy and so on and so forth. Numerology is a study in how many principles work together to bring about a larger picture. By trying to understand the universe in logical ways, given to the various sciences and metaphysical sciences, you will understand that which goes beyond that.
     You, as intuitive and psychic beings, will be able to see past the mere definitions of the numbers into understanding the essence of the energy. If you are to do numerological charts or to understand numerology, feel free to call upon your own understanding of the essence and the meaning of these things. Interpret them as you feel given the interplay of the numbers at work with each other and the person for whom you are trying to do the chart. That is what you will need to understand to do basic numerological charts and understand numbers.
     I consider physics and mathematics to be the true premier sciences in the world. Anyone who studies these things long enough becomes spiritually and psychically aware because they reach and reach and reach through study into such depths of understanding and expansiveness that they begin to be in touch with the intelligence that guides the universe and they begin to feel connected to it because of their studies. That is why we speak to you of these things.

© Carolyn Hawkins 2012