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Mountain Cat Productions

Masters' Guide to Love, Relationship & Soul Mates

channeled by Mataare
compiled and edited by Carolyn Hawkins

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Price: $19.95 US
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Mountain Cat Productions; 1st printing 2009
ISBN: 0-9755546-2-X
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5

A delightfully inspiring, enlightening, and sometimes humorous compilation of channelings by the Guides in Spirit, who provide practical guidance to navigate one of the most desired, and often most challenging, areas of life.

You must live your life with character and power, with love and humility, and with the strength that shall increase with every moment of love, forgiveness, and letting go. - Miriam, Isis & Gaia

If you want some love, give some love away. Help others with their needs and watch what happens. - Sun Bear

The problem inherent in attracting your twin flame or soul mate may lay in the fact that you do not really believe it is possible to be loved by another who would accept you as you are. How can you have that which your heart longs
for if you do not think it is possible? - La Compte de Sainte Germaine

Old souls do not always really find lovers, but instead they take hostages. They tend to draw in people whom they demand serve them. The old soul will expect the person they draw in to be exactly what they want them to be or they will have ‘discussions’ and ‘arrange’ things so that the other person is exactly as they want them to be. But sooner or later the old soul finds this does not work. - Merlin

The beauty about love is that it is like a great mystery. Love holds something you never expect to occur, and feeds you richly if you choose it. For those who choose not to love, their reasons are always very reasonable. They make a reasonable choice not to love. It usually has to do with protection, separation or something of that nature where you feel you need to disconnect from your partner. Therefore, it is always reasonable. However, to love is a choice, and to not love is also a choice.
                                                                                                                                                               – Sun Bear

Partnership is one of the greatest difficulties people have during the course of their lives due to the confusion about ego, one’s self-created identity, and one’s true identity. Romantic relationships in this society have the proclivity to lead toward marriage and perhaps children. A form of romantic relationship between a man and a woman that does not lead to marriage is considered somehow to be not as good, a main idea that your society holds dear. To the point that idea is held as dear, many people base their identity upon whether or not they can have such a relationship. That is to say, if one has a successful relationship of that order, then one feels a certain satisfaction with their life. If one does not have that, then one tends to feel that something is wrong with their life.

Many claim a group identity or group ego. Therefore, many have tried to fulfill just these things, expecting that shall lead them to the fulfillment they desire. They are disappointed upon creating such a thing to find that there is still an inner restlessness, an upset, and lack of fulfillment, due more often than not to the fact that one has a marriage relationship and/or children.

Ideas of relationship have been thought through much more in your day than in days gone by. People are questioning many things about what has always been accepted and what has provided fulfillment, such as marriage. As a result, more marriages and relationships have dissolved in unparalleled proportions than at any other time throughout history. In addition, new styles of relationships and new ways of carrying on life are being cultivated.

People are learning that they can have more than one marriage during the course of their life. They are learning how to negotiate successful relationships with children of stepparents and extended families that often occur as a result. While there is much left to be desired in terms of where this shall all lead, the steps in the right direction are being made.
                                                                                                                                                                    - Merlin

© 2009 Carolyn Hawkins All Rights Reserved