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Mountain Cat Productions

Masters' Guide to Extraterrestrials

channeled by Mataare
compiled and edited by Carolyn Hawkins

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Price: $19.95 US
Paperback: 383pages
Publisher: Mountain Cat Productions; 1st printing 2011
ISBN: 0-9755546-7-0
Dimensions: 9 x 6


   There are those who walk a journey of taking in so much that it confuses and they cannot tell up from down or true from false. This is not our intention, but rather it is our intention to have you become knowledgeable and aware enough to make certain choices about what your life is and where you will go in life. For that, it is important to have a broad kind of understanding.
Our attempt is not to deliver to you truthful words, although the words we are speaking are truthful, but rather to provoke, inspire or cause awareness to be generated within your consciousness along the lines we are attempting to describe, but not to create a belief in you. We are not here to change you. We are here to guide and to provoke awareness.
   It is not possible for us to explain to you absolutely truthfully what is so because your vocabulary is not designed properly. You do not have the words for that to be communicated. Your consciousness has the sense, but the vocabulary is not yet developed. When it is developed, it will not be a spoken vocabulary, but more of a picture vocabulary, and pictures exist at many different levels of understanding.

   We do not think we can communicate any truth to you at all. Either you know something already and we affirm it, or you do not know it, and therefore, will not believe it. One convinced against their will is of the same opinion still. If you do not know that what we are saying is true, when we go, you will know it is not true again. If you do know that it is true, but cannot accept it, then when we go, believe me, you will start accepting it.
   The only thing we can do is cause your consciousness to jog so that if you are searchers for truth, you might find some things in your own experiences to be in alignment with something we have said. Then you will think what marvelous entities that came through Mataare and alerted us to this.
   We are not marvelous entities that come through Mataare. We are just sharers of our own experience, which we are compelled to do because what else is there to do. You are the same exactly as we are, and we cannot convince you, and we are not here to convince you any more than you can convince another, and you should not even bother. However, if you speak and share your truth, some may discover there is something that they come into harmony with that was just as you said.
   There are beings, human and otherwise, in your physical universe who are so far beyond you that it is absolutely useless for you to have any contact with them at all, useless unless there is a sufficient language, a sufficient paradigm, a sufficient structure by which you can understand them. The religions of your parents and their parents and their parents before them are the context by which you may be able to understand, to make a beginning, but be prepared to go far beyond that, far, far beyond that.
   You, your lives did not originate from cipher, from nothing into the ethers, from the ethers into substance. What I will tell you is that the Spirit of the Universe manifests itself in many forms and many ways, and some of the forms and ways in which it manifests itself are human, just like you. However, some of the ways it manifests itself in the form of human are human, but far, far, far beyond you. In order to be able to embrace that which is far beyond you that you were meant to meet, but are not really quite ready to do it, just have enough willingness, because there are many things that are aligned that allow some very good things to happen.

   The excerpts included in this book are from group meetings channeled by Mataare over a number of years. In an attempt to organize the materials as to create a better flow of information, the transcripts have been arranged alphabetically by speaker and then chronologically under the name of each speaker.